Trick or Treat!!

My kids are now 6, 5, and 2 and are really getting into this whole, spoooooky Halloween season. To be honest, I’m not a great planner when it comes to holidays and that sort of thing, they always seem to sneak up on me and then it’s a big rush…and then it’s over.

Even though I tend to throw holidays and big events together last minute we still like to include a little bit of tradition and whimsy, especially now that the kids are getting older and can really participate and enjoy the fun.

One of our annual fall traditions includes a trip to our local pumpkin patch. We love visiting Rocky Creek Farms where the kids get to enjoy a hay ride to the pumpkin patch, hay bale forts, fun animals (they have a couple pigs, chickens, and goats) and sometimes they even get to help use the apple press to make cider. At the end of our visit we each pick out the perfect pumpkin that will end up decorating our front step.

Sometime in the week before Halloween we bring our pumpkins inside and take on the task of turning them into frightful masterpieces. The kids get to pick the design and my husband and I take on the challenge to see who can carve the prize winning pumpkin (as chosen by the kids).

Another tradition we’ve done for the last few years is end our trick or treating fun at home with caramel apples and warm apple cider.

Before we leave on our neighborhood trick our treating spree I fill my dual crockpot with cider and a jar of caramel ice cream topping on one side and unwrapped caramels (with a splash of water) on the other side then I let everything simmer away and it’s perfect for our return. I always make sure to set out plenty of yummy toppings to roll the gooey apples in. Some of our favorites are toffee pieces, white chocolate chips, chopped peanut butter cups, and mini m&ms. We really enjoy this as a way to extend the evening even after all the candy has been gathered. Usually, the kids dip and roll their apples first and while they cool we set them up in their pjs with a Halloween movie and then serve them their apples in slices. Then, the adults can make apples and enjoy cider while our kiddos wind down from their sugar rushes.

I am looking forward to Saturday when all of our rushed planning culminates in an evening of fun. This year my husband’s parents and grandparents will be joining in on the fun and we are excited to share our traditions with them, too.

Does your family do anything fun to celebrate the season?


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