Kidd Corner : First Day of Preschool


McKenna started up her second year of Preschool today. She attends a Christian based preschool that focuses on kindergarten prepardness,  domestic and social skills, as well as some bible study. Blake spent 3 years here and we will send Harper starting next year, as well and we just couldn’t wish for a better fit for a preschool for our kids. The cirriculum is a wonderful balance of subjects and skills and the teachers truly have a love for each child. We have been blessed to have such a great preschool family.

This morning was a whirl wind of activity getting all 3 kids up, dressed, fed, and out the door with backpacks, shoes, and lunch. It was an unfortunate rushed way to start an important morning for my Kenna and I can’t help but feel a bit of a “mom fail”. I forgot to take her first day photo and ran late in picking her up. Ugh, I hate days like this!

I did manage to get a few pics once I retrieved her from school but by then she was in no mood for modeling.





Tomorrow is a new day and we will soon get the hang of this busy schedule and tomorrow will be filled with less frustration.


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