We Interrupt This Marriage for Hunting Season

Any other ladies out there abandoned for the eagerly anticipated (by our husbands) opening day for bow season? Rifle hunting spouses…your day is coming!

I did not grow up in a hunting family so I don’t really get it…killing a defenseless animal, gutting it most likely on the dark side of a mountain, hauling your trophy head and its meat on your back…not my cup of tea.

My husband, however, grew up in an avid hunting family, eating elk burgers and displaying the newest kill on the walls on the family cabin so I have been married into this life style and although you may find me kicking and screaming about the whole ordeal I am glad my husband has an activity he enjoys and can share with our kiddos when they are a bit older.

On my first day as a hunting widow I made great use of my time. The pantry, kitchen, and bathrooms have all been scrubbed and organized. Laundry is done. Walls have been de-fingerprinted. We even took a jaunt to the playground and stopped for ice cream. I am feeling pretty accomplished.

Tomorrow, as my hubby treks in the backwoods of beautiful montana, I will be tackling the floors and I may even get brave and head into target with 3 little wild ones.

I will leave you with the sunset I hope we were both able to enjoy…me from the back door and him from where ever they set up camp. Hope it’s not too cold out there babe!



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