Kid’s Corner – Mckenna to the Rescue!!

We once asked my oldest girl, Mckenna, what her name was and she declared “Mckenna to the Rescue!!!” This girl has more sass and spunk than most and she has certainly given us a run for our money in the last (almost) 5 years she’s blessed our family.

Mckenna was born in October, 2 days before my birthday. Knowing what I’d experienced during my long labor with Blake I asked for an epidural early on and then rested for several hours before I realized little miss needed out. Her delivery was fairly short and sweet and we left the hospital on my birthday feeling great!


Since she’s graced us with her presence I can say that delivery was one of the easier transitions of her life. Mckenna ended up a bit colicky which left Jason and I tired and frustrated that she wasn’t the calm snuggly baby Blake had been.

As a toddler she entered the “terrible twos” ahead of schedule and as she grows she is constantly testing our patience and pushing the limits.

Although Mckenna can be a handful she is also such a sweet kind hearted little lady. She has a deep love and concern for all living things (bugs included…where does she get that from?!) and when she’s on her own she can really be a sweetie.

As a middle child I worry a lot about Mckenna. She has the classic “middle child syndrome”. Blake, as the oldest, gets a lot of attention because he’s always doing new, interesting, things. Harper, as the baby, gets a lot of attention because she’s still young and learning. Mckenna, as the little troublemaker that she can be, gets a lot of attention although, regrettably, it’s not always positive attention.

When you get some time alone with Kenna (as we call her) she blossoms. She is super smart and has a head full of thoughts and ideas and an imagination that boggles me. She has a fabulous memory and can rattle off stories or songs she’s heard once. She loves to sing and put on shows and you may catch her striking a pose in the mirror but she’s also a little shy when confronted with a new situation or people she doesn’t know.

mckenna 3 mckenna 2

My hopes for Mckenna are that she lives a life with grace and confidence. I want her to know that she’s loved with everything we have. She can do anything she sets her mind to and I hope she never lets anyone hold her back from her dreams. I hope McKenna’s spirit is never squashed because I know this spunk inside her will help her move mountains and make her dreams come true.

mckenna 4


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