House Update

In June my husband, Jason, and I sold our first home and purchased a larger, upgraded model suitable for our family with room to spare.

The new house started as a spec home and we came upon it, guided by our wonderful realtor, just as the plumbing and electrical work was being completed. The builder had decided many of the finishes but we were able to tweak a few things and really made the home ours.

One major aspect of the home that was missing, though, was a completed yard. Our home sits on a half acre but the land came rough graded and that is it. We (and by we I mean Jason) had a summer of work ahead of us.

So far, Jason has leveled the yard, brought in load after load of top soil, built a 6 foot cedar fence around the perimeter,  built up a berm in one corner with space for a stone patio (which will come next summer), put in sod, and installed an underground sprinkler system which is working beautifully.

Although my time line for completion was a little a lot off base, I am so excited to see our landscaping dreams come to fruition and even though I know there is yard work to come for years (patio, fire pit, deck, shed, play set, flower beds.. ) I can see it coming  together and I am starting to picture the backyard barbques, birthday parties, and family fun to be held in our beautiful space.

Here are a few photos showing the progress we have made so far:






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