Kid’s Corner : Blake

Tuesday is the day where I plan on giving you a glimpse into my life as mom of 3 beautiful kids. I want to introduce you to each of my kids, starting with my boy, my oldest – Blake.

Blake came to us after a marathon 18+ hours of labor surrounded by family. He was a strong sweet little guy from his very first look around the labor and delivery room.

Blake has grown, in these last 6 years, into a fine little man. He is a social butterfly with a heart of gold. Blake comes to me frequently with a warm hug asking for a snuggle. “There is always time for a snuggle” He says!  He is caring and gentle (most of the time)with his sisters and is a genuine friend to his daycare and preschool classmates.

Blake’s first day of kindergarten is this week and I absolutly can’t believe we have arrived at this monumental milestone already. It is truly bittersweet. I am so proud of Blake and the boy that he is and as confident as I am that he will succeed in school and in life I can’t help but worry for him, too. Blake is such a sweetie and I just hope he is strong enough to stand up for himself and his sisters, to do the right thing when faced with controvercy, and to be the great example I know he can be.

As parents, you hope the words and actions you have put before your kids has sunk in and somewhere in their young little minds it all makes sense when it needs to. I look forward to the future and all it holds for Blake; he will move mountains and make friends along the way.



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